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At Gippsland Web Designers we do things a little differently. We understand what it is like to run a business so we like to work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. Wether it is a basic blog style site or a more complex membership site.

It is not just about the web design but about your overall goal. Get in touch to see how we can work together. 

Melanie Steeden


Melanie has been involved in the internet marketing field for over ten years. Initially she developed the web site and SEO process for her online digital printing business in the highly competitive market of Canvas Printing. It wasn’t long before people were approaching her to create web sites for there businesses. Melanie identified that there was a real demand for people who had actual experience in web based business to develop websites.

Melanie has completed numerous online courses and several mentoring programs that have helped her maintain her cutting edge approach to web site development and digital marketing techniques. Melanie has a real passion for learning and is continually striving to broaden her knowledge base.

David has extensive experience in Sales and Direct Marketing. With eight years at Australias largest Direct Marketing services provider he had ample opportunity to gain an insight into the ways some of Australias largest organisations spread their sales message. Since working for Salmat David has successfully started two greenfields businesses and built them into successful ongoing concerns. The most recent an online digital printing business that relies almost solely on its web site and web traffic for success.

David can not only give sound advice on web based digital strategies he can also assist with general marketing advice.

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